Cours international

1st Paris ISAC Cytometry workshop

Multicolor Flow Cytometry: Practical applications from basic to advanced

This course is jointly organized by the Institut Curie and the Institut Pasteur in collaboration with ISAC, the International Society for the Advancement of Cytometry, AFC (Association Française de Cytométrie), and Ciphe (Centre d’immunophénomique), Marseille. The workshop will cover basic and advanced cytometry topics and will consist of lectures and practical modules taught by international experts in the field.  

The multicolor track will have a strong focus on advanced panel design and high dimensional data analysis.

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Faculty: P.Chattopadhyay, J.Irish, H.Luche, Y.Saeys, B.Telford, P.Wallace, G.Osborne, D.Hedley, S.Chow, A.Krishan, P.Jain, M.Scheimann, Z.Porat.

Organizers: Z.Maciorowski, Institut Curie, S.Novault & M.Hasan, Institut Pasteur, A.Krishan, University of Miami, USA, T.Kalina, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic, H.Luche, Ciphe, Marseilles.

Open to all those who use flow cytometry in their work :
• scientists, students and post-docs
• technicians, engineers
• core facility managers
This will be useful for both beginning and advanced flow cytometry users.

50 places for the practical modules
Criteria: this course is open to all students interested in flow cytometry applications and will teach basic to advanced flow cytometry. For the high dimensional data analysis track, priority will be given to those who are most in need of high dimensional data analysis for their work.

Registration deadline: For the practical and lecture sessions : Early application: February 1, 2018 at 400 euros, late application available until the start of the course at 500 euros. After you register, you will be informed in due time where and how to send the payment.

April 9-13, 2018
9 April 2018

This will take place in 2 locations  at the Institut Curie, Paris campus:
BDD : Amphitheatre, hall, salles annexes and salles anglaises & Flow Cytometry Core Facility, 26 rue d’Ulm, 6th floor, 6A-11.

400 euros early registration deadline February 15 2018, afterwards 500 euros for late registration

Zofia Maciorowski, Institut Curie, Sophie Novault and Milena Hasan, Institut Pasteur, Awtar Krishan, University of Miami, USA, Tomas Kalina, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic, Hervé Luche, Ciphe, Marseilles

This course will teach basic to advanced practical flow and imaging flow cytometry applications to beginning and advanced users.

-Multicolor flow cytometry
-High dimensional data analysis
-Cell cycle and apoptosis
-Cell sorting
-Imaging flow cytometry
-Basics of Flow Cytometry: How a flow cytometer works
-Multicolor Flow Cytometry: Basics to Advanced
-Multicolor Panel Design
-High Dimensional Data Analysis
-mRNA by Flow Cytometry
-Cell signaling and Intracellular Staining techniques
-Cell Cycle and Proliferation
-Imaging Flow Cytometry
-Cell sorting: from basics to single cell
-Build Your Own Cytometer

Institut Curie, Institut Pasteur, ISAC, Curie Core Tech, AFC

Platinum: BD (Becton Dickinson Immunocytometry Systems)
Gold: Beckman Coulter, Thermofisher
Bronze: BioLegend
Copper: Spherotech, 10x Genomics