Cours international

2nd Advanced Course in Optogenetics

- Multi-photon & light sheet microscopy
- Photoactivable & photoswitchable proteins
- Fluorescence as a sensor for cellular physiology
- Light control of protein activity
- Photorelease technology for control of cellular chemistry & physiology

The possibility to control at specific time and places the activity of biomolecules is opening up new opportunities in the study of physiological processes at the single cell level in a live organism.

This course will present the requirement for non-invasive optical methods and the development of multi-photon microscopy to control and record biomolecules activity. The course will address how optogenetic tools can be used to record physiological process (sensor) or to control protein activity (actuators).

These techniques at the interface between advanced microscopy, genetics and physics are of interests to numerous research groups at Institut Curie.

Relevant for Master 2 students, PhD students, Postdoctoral researchers and Research Engineers interested in Optogenetic applications.

Open to everyone but priority access to M2 Genetic from Paris 7.
People who want to assist to some lectures (not all the course) have to register on this website.
50 seats available for the theoretical part & 20 for the practicals.

November 16-20, 2015
10 October 2015

Amphitheatre BDD
Amphitheatre Marie Curie (only on November 20, 2015)

17 octobre 2015

No registration fees are requested

Filippo Del Bene (Institut Curie) & Sophie Vriz (Paris 7)