Cours international

3rd Course on Cytoskeleton - 2011

The general objective of this course is to understand the role of the cytoskeleton in membrane trafficking at different levels: molecular and structural, in reconstitution systems, and in the cell and organism.

Organizers: Guillaume Montagnac, Winfried Römer, Danijela Vignjevic

Participants will be students preparing their PhDs in European laboratories. Courses will be taught in English and each participant will be required to present a short 10 minutes talk on his/her research.
Each day will include five 75 minute lectures and participants presentations.

Selection upon application. The number of participants will be restricted to 25.

6 - 10 June, 2011
1 April 2011

Paris, Institut Curie

There are no registration fees.
The Institut Curie will provide food. Travel expenses and accommodation should be paid by the applicant's laboratory. There will be some fellowships available. If you would like to apply for a travel/accommodation fellowship, please include a justification with your application.

Guillaume Montagnac
Winfried Römer
Danijela Vignjevic

Role of the cytoskeleton in clathrin -dependent endocytosis
Role of the cytoskeleton in clathrin-independant endocytosis
Actin and dynamin interplay during endocytosis
Role of the cytoskeleton in endosomal sorting
Role of actin and microtubules in recycling
Function of the cytoskeleton and intracellular trafficking at the primary cilium
Role of the cytoskeleton in melanosomes biogenesis and maturation
Role of the cytoskeleton in intracellular virus entry and trafficking
Endosomes partitioning during symmetric and asymmetric cell division
Interplay between actin and coat components in Golgi carriers formation
Actin and microtubules in Golgi dynamics and functions
New tools for studying trafficking from the Golgi
Microtubules and microtubules motors in podosomes functions
Actin and microtubules role in invadopodia dynamics and cell invasion
Role of the cytoskeleton in nuclear positioning during cell migration
Integrins trafficking and cell migration
In vitro reconstitution of actin cytoskeleton
The role of glycosphingolipids in cellular uptake of toxins and viruses

Franck PEREZ UMR 144, IC, Paris, France
Philippe CHAVRIER UMR 144, IC, Paris, France
Winfried Römer UMR 144, IC, Paris, France
Bruno Goud UMR 144, IC, Paris, France
Guillaume Montagnac UMR 144, IC, Paris, France
Graca Raposo UMR 144, IC, Paris, France
Patricia Bassereau UMR 168, IC, Paris, France
Edgar Gomes UMRS 787, Institut of Myology, Paris, France
Alexis Gautreau CNRS UPR 3082, Gif-sur-Yvette
Alexandre Benmerah Institut Cochin, Paris, France
Pierre Sens, ESPCI, Paris, France
Zsolt Lenkei, ESPCI, Paris, France
Ludger Joannes UMR 144, IC, Paris, France
Christien Merrifield MRC, Cambridge, UK
Jean Gruenberg, University of Geneva, Switzerland
Bernard Hoflack, Dresden, Germany
Jim Norman, The Beatson Institute, Glasgow, UK
Stefan Linder, Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich, Germany
Harvey McMahon MRC, Cambridge, UK