Cours générique

Bioinformatics and Biostatistics / U900 - 2014

The program includes an introduction:

- to approaches in biostatistics and research, explaining to participants the principles, methodologies, use of statistical methods and applications in biology and clinical research. Courses on software R will be delivered in the form of additional exercises. The basis of the programming language R will be discussed and the statistical approaches, presented in the theoretical part, will be implemented.
- to appropriate tools for studying Systems Biology approaches by exposing participants to the principles, methodologies, uses and applications of appropriate tools. In addition, this training course will be offered as practical trainings.

The U900 offers a series of courses in biostatistics and bioinformatics to the staff of the Institut Curie, Research Center and Medical Section.

Organizer: Vonick Sibut

All the people working at Institut Curie

Selection on the first come, first served basis.
Theoretical part: 60 people
Practical part: 15 people

By registering, you agree to be present during the entire course, except in case of a justifiable medical emergency, in which case you may inform the organizers 48h ahead of time. Late cancellations prevent us from offering the seat to a person on the waiting list.

Several sessions from April 29 to July 3, 2014
25 April 2014

Institut Curie campus - Paris

April 27, 2014

No registration fees

Vonick Sibut

Theoretical part: Lisa Belin, Isabel Brito, Charles Decraene, Yann De Rycke
Practical part: Myriam Boutet, Isabel Brito, Laurence Clazone, Fany Coffin, Elodie Dubus, Pierre Gestraud, Marine Jeanmougin, Loredana Martignetti

Introduce the concepts of:
- basic statistics, to allow researchers and physicians to be more independent on frequent questions, to raise awareness of issues of experimental design and bioanalysis.
- network analysis using dedicated tools.