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Biological membranes are key structures in cell biology as they act as interface, information transmitters, mechanical support and gatekeeper. The whole course is organized to give the participants the biological background and the physical toolbox to understand and advance our current understanding of biological membranes.




Biological membranes are key structures in cell biology as they act as interface, information transmitters, mechanical support and gatekeeper. The whole course is The goal of this interdisciplinary class is to give an overview of the foundations of the biological functions in membranes and the associated physical descriptions, as well as currently emerging subjects in biological membranes. The course has 2 modules and participation in both modules is mandatory:

A) An interdisciplinary class, of 2.5h per week (Monday, 9h30-12h) taught by a team of 1 biologists and 1 physicist, including a 30 minutes Journal club that takes place directly after the course.
B) An international workshop taking place after the last course (24-26/3/2014), where we invite 6 international experts in 3 main subjects to give 2h of lecture each. This is complemented by a selection of talks given by the participants. All participants are invited to present a poster. We expect the students of the course to participate in the workshop and we will open the workshop up to international participants, free of charge.

The class contains a 30’ minute journal club, given by selected participants. The distribution of subjects will take place during the first class.

This course is organized in partnership with The Doctoral School 474, Frontières du Vivant.


6/1/2014: 1. Introduction to the function of biological membranes
Teachers: Jean-Baptiste Manneville, Graça Raposo / Jean-François Joanny
Homeostasis, Membranes as selective barriers, intracellular transport, signaling and communication

17/1/2014: 2. Homeostasis
Teachers: Bruno Goud, Pierre Sens
Osmotic pressure, Ion gradients, Exchange of membranes between organelles

24/1/2014: 3. Membranes as selective barriers
Teachers: Daniel Lévy, Patricia Bassereau
Lipids as a barrier, Proteins as selective filters

27/1/2014: 4. Membrane organization
Teachers: Ludger Johannes, Timo Betz
Physical phases, Domains, Cytoskeleton, Dynamics/Diffusion

3/2/2014: 5. Intracellular transport: Membrane Fusion/Fission
Teachers : Martin Lenz, Aurélien Roux

10/2/2014: 6. Intracellular transport: Membrane Budding
Teachers: Guillaume Montagnac,Patricia Bassereau
Deformation, Curvature Sensing/controlling

17/2/2014: 7. Intracellular and intercellular signaling
Christophe Lamaze, Mathieu Coppey

24/2/2014: 8. Membrane shape controlled by the cytoskeleton
Cécile Sykes, Danijela Vignjevic

La classe intègre un « Journal club » d’une durée de 30 minutes qui sera organisé par des participants sélectionnés. La distribution des sujets aura lieu durant la première séance.


This class is open for interested participants from all different level, starting from master and PhD students up to PostDoc and permanent researchers. Any interested scientist from the Labex, the Institut Curie, PSL or any other research institute is welcome to join. Courses will be in English.


30 seats, 1st come - 1st served basis and motivation statement. Participation to at least 6 out of the 8 sessions is required. 

Registration deadline

December 6th, 2013


Timo Betz : Physical Chemistry Curie
Sandrine Daubeuf : Labex CelTisPhyBio Manager


Institut Curie
11-13 rue Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris

Selection results

December 15th, 2013