Completing a hospital student attachment in one of our sites

The Institut Curie hospital is entirely devoted to cancer patients and its activities are closely related to those of the research center. Students of the Paris Descartes School of Medicine are attached to Institut Curie Paris site and students of Versailles-Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines University are attached to René Huguenin hospital in Saint-Cloud.

They receive training in the various oncology subspecialties in the form of tutorship by experienced clinicians at the patient’s bedside and active participation in multidisciplinary practice comprising all clinical wards and technical departments. Students also receive courses on oncology topics of the national classifying examination (ECN) and on cross-disciplinary subjects such as imaging, physician-patient relationship, etc.

A hospital student attachment at Institut Curie can also be an opportunity to establish contacts with scientists and research teams in order to discuss or prepare subsequent research training (Master 2 and PhD)