Current call for applications


List of PhD thesis projects


12 positions in Institut Curie’s research labs are currently available for the 2016 call for applications at Institut Curie in the frame of the International PhD program.

Applications have to be submitted via the online application portal until February 11th 2016, 17:00 CET (GMT +1).

The call for applications is now closed.

List of PhD thesis projects

1. Deciphering the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying the radiosentizing activity of metal complexes: towards the development of drug candidates for improving chemoradiotherapy for cancer treatment

Research group: Structure and photoactivable Probes for Nucleic Acids and Kinases
Research department: Chemistry, Modelling and Imaging for Biology

2. Exploring mechanisms and frequency of spontaneous mutations in adult stem cells

Allison BARDIN
Research group: Stem cells and tissue homeostasis
Research department: Genetics and Developmental Biology

3. Functional analysis of TBK1 mediated signaling in axonal autophagocytosis in zebrafish models of ALS

Filippo DEL BENE
Research group: Neuronal circuit development
Research department: Genetics and Developmental Biology

4. Characterization of the first CenH3-independent kinetochore assembly pathway

Research group: Centromere evolution
Research department: Nuclear Dynamics

5. The role of nuclear envelope integrity in aging 

Ana-Maria LENNON
Research group: Spatio-temporal Regulation of Antigen Presentation and cell Migration
Research department: Immunity and Cancer

6. Integrating structural constraints in multi-locus genome-wide association studies for improved biomarker discovery in breast cancer

Véronique STOVEN
Research group: Statistical machine learning and modelling of biological systems
Research department: Bioinformatics, Biostatistics Epidemiology and Computational Systems

7. Nuclear positioning and the control of mitotic entry in neural stem and tumor cells

Alexandre BAFFET
Research group: Cell Biology of Mammalian Neurogenesis
Research department: Subcellular Structure and Cellular Dynamics

8. Mechanosensing and dynamics of cell filopodia

Research group: Membranes and cellular functions
Research department: Physical chemistry

9. The architecture of human centromeres and its influence on the maintenance of genome stability

Research group: Molecular Mechanisms of Chromosome Dynamics
Research department: Subcellular Structure and Cellular Dynamics

10. Studying clonality in hematopoiesis with a non-invasive lineage tracing method

Research group: Quantitative Immuno-hematology
Research department: Physical chemistry

11. Sensitivity to radiotherapy in bladder cancers. Influence of bladder cancer subgroups and of TYRO3 inhibition

Research group: Molecular oncology
Research department: Subcellular Structure and Cellular Dynamic

12.  Cellular and supracellular architectures: the many ways to explore the third dimension

Research group: Biology inspired physics at mesoscales
Research department: Physical chemistry


These proposals comply with ethical principles, including relevant national, EU and international ethics related rules & professional codes of conduct for projects involving Humans and/or Animals.

All fellowship recipients will attend the training on the ethical conduct of research in their first year after the start of their contract.

Research teams

If you are interested in working with other research teams at Institut Curie, please contact us. We will be happy to help you exploring potential options to join Institut Curie.

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