DU on ocular oncology

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In France, there are few training programmes on the sub-speciality Ocular oncology.

Institut Curie is unique as it is one of the few French centres combining Research and Care that treats ocular tumours, which are for the most part rare cancers.

The Hospital Group of Institut Curie is the only place in France to treat retinoblastoma in children and offers care to 60% of melanomas in adults.

In these types of cancers early diagnosis is essential to avoid metastasis and enucleations seen in late diagnosis.

The main topic of this advance training (called in French Diplôme Universitaire) is ocular oncology focusing on understanding its  genetic and molecular basis; the diagnosis of ocular tumours; main therapeutic guidelines; monitoring patients following treatment; interactive clinical cases  with real observation at Institut Curie.

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9 January 2017