Cours générique

Industrial property, industrial partnership and technology transfer: INTRODUCTION

Why attend? Patents are more and more valued in curriculums, and in the coming years, having been trained in this field will become a prerequisite for applying to research academic positions.

In this 1/2 day introductory class, members of the Institut Curie's Technology Transfer Office will provide you with some basic information on patents (what is a patent? which inventions can be patented? how to obtain a patent?) and will overview licensing operations and start-up creation. This class will be as interactive as possible, and will use case studies pertaining to patent protection and/or technology transfer.

Organizers: Damien Salauze et Christine Vanhée-Brossollet

Students, PhDs, post-docs and researchers

12 seats available on the first registered, first-served basis

November 30th 2012 from 2pm to 5pm
15 November 2012

Annexes BDD building

November 20th 2012

No registration fees are requested

Damien Salauze (Head of Technology Transfer Office) et Christine Vanhée-Brossollet (Head of Intellectual Property)