Inserm workshops

Inserm Workshops are designed to raise the awareness of the French and international scientific communities with regard to emerging technologies and topics in Life and Health Sciences.

The Inserm Workshops are selected each year by the Scientific Inserm Workshops Committee (Comité Scientifique des Ateliers - CSA) and by the INSERM Directorate General. They are presented by French and international scientists and are open to employees in the public and private sectors.

Inserm Workshops consist of two phases:

  •  a theory phase (Phase I): the aim is to review a technique and/or an emerging issue, to learn about it and assess its usefulness for a given research project and the laboratory. This phase takes place on a residential basis and the number of places is limited to 80 people.
  • a practical phase (Phase II): this is reserved for people that attended phase I and its purpose is to allow trainees to master a technique covered in the theory phase. It takes place in a laboratory. The number of places is limited to the capacity of the laboratory and by the technique being studied.

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3 December 2013