Institut Curie / Saint George's School

Saint George's School's students at Institut Curie

From June 19 to 30 Institut Curie will host 6 high school students from the prestigious Saint George’s School in Newport (USA).

During 2 weeks these students will have the opportunity to integrate Institut curie’s research laboratories, where they can discover more about science, doing their first experiments, and even confirm their passion for the world of research.

  • Lila Burns hosted by UMR 3664 (Chromatin Dynamics) run by Geneviève Almouzni & Ekaterina Boyarchuk.
  • Rose Rebecca Cheng hosted by UMR 144 run by François Ravanyi.
  • Sophie Coolidge hosted by UMR 3664 (Epigenetic Plasticity of the Polarity Embryo) run by Nathalie Dostatni & Carmina Perez Romero.
  • Beste Engin hosted by U830 run by Olivier Delattre & Laury Poulain.
  • Maia Lineberry hosted by U934/UMR3215 run by Filippo Del Bene.
  • Irem Tural hosted by UMR168 run by Pascal Silberzan & Sylvie Coscoy. 
20 June 2017