Interdisciplinary workshop on Cell Membranes, March 24-26, 2014

Theme of course

Biological membranes are key structures in cell biology as they act as interface, information transmitters, mechanical support and gatekeeper. This workshop will unite biologists and physicists interested in the dynamical process within membranes, with three main focus sessions on dynamics, modeling and membranes in immune response.

There will be a special focus on in-depth discussion between participants and presenters, with time reserved for discussion. 

Description of course

The goal of the workshop is twofold:

  • to give in-depth training in the subjects of dynamics in membranes, modeling on different scales, and implication of membranes in the immune response
  • to improve the interdisciplinary communication skills of the participants

Both the audience and presenters come from interdisciplinary backgrounds, where we will have physicists and biologists working on the same subject. Hence, participants will be exposed to the different approaches of the various disciplines in order to answer pertinent questions, thereby showing the strength of the interdisciplinary approach, identifying possible difficulties, and how they may be overcome.


This workshop is open to interested participants from all different levels, from Master's and PhD students to Postdoctoral fellows and permanent researchers.

Conditions of selection

25 seats
Selection is based on motivation statement, and on the quality of the proposed contribution (oral/poster).

Organizational aspects

Institut Curie will organize and pay for accommodation for the accepted participants who require a hotel. 
Travel costs are at your charge.

Date of course

March 24 - 26, 2014

Application deadline

January 15, 2014


BDD Lecture Hall
Institut Curie
11-13 rue Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris

Results of selection

January 31, 2014

Registration fees

No registration fees are requested.


Timo Betz, Physical Chemistry Curie
Sandrine Daubeuf, Labex CelTisPhyBio Manager


Course objectives

The objective of the class is to give an overview of the interdisciplinary description of biological membranes.


Focus 1: Membrane dynamics and diffusion
Christian Eggeling (Oxford University)
Roland Wedlich-Söldner (Münster/MPI Martinsried University)

Focus 2: Multiscale modelling of membranes
Gerhard Gompper (FZ Jülich)
Markus Deserno (Carnegie Mellon University)

Focus 3: Membranes in immune response
Didier Marguet (Marseille University)
Hai Tao He (Marseille University)


Institut Curie
Graduate School FdV (ED 474)


Labex CelTisPhyBio