International and multidisciplinary courses


International courses are based upon the themes of our research units and are designed to promote high-level training in a multicultural context. These courses are usually scheduled over a period of a few days, and are organized by the research units in coordination with the Training Unit. They cover specific themes which are at the heart of the expertise of the Institut Curie.
The majority of these courses are approved as European university modules by partner universities (ECTS).
The scientific organization of each course involves researchers, physicians and professors of the Institut Curie, Inserm and CNRS. In the context of their doctoral work, some PhD students can be involved in course organization.


These courses are chiefly directed towards Master's students, PhD students, postdoctoral fellows, technicians, junior group leaders, interns or young physicians from diverse backgrounds. The target audience varies depending on the course. For further information, please consult the program listing.

The plenary/select conferences or “open seminars” given by external speakers are advertised throughout the Paris region.
These international cutting-edge courses are programmed on a yearly basis and given in English. Discussion forums and round table sessions are also organized which focus on career development, as well as questions on ethics and society.


PhD student
UMR 3244 Dynamics of Genetic Information: Fundamental Basis and Cancer


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