International courses: learning in a multicultural context

International courses: learning in a multicultural context

The Training Unit assists researchers, professors, and physicians to organize around 10 university-accredited International Courses per year, thereby sharing their expertise through teaching.

What is an international course?

International Courses aimed at post-graduates are taught in English and, for the most part, are accredited by French universities ranging from 3-10 ECTS.

Course themes are centered on Institut Curie’s research strengths:

Radiation biology and chemistry, cellular signaling and cancer
Development, cancer, genetics and epigenetics
Integrative biology of tumors, immunology and environment
Multi-scale physics, chemistry, and biology: molecules, cells, tissues, and organisms
Translational Research

International Courses go further than teaching what’s in a textbook—they include seminars given by world-renowned international scientific experts who present the latest research advances in their field. Some courses include a journal club that teaches critical data analysis and presentation skills, since course participants lead the discussion themselves. A career development event, or science & art workshop may also be part of the course. Thanks to the diversity of participants* and lecturers** coming from abroad, courses provide a unique environment that encourages the exchange of scientific ideas, and promotes networking.  This diverse atmosphere promotes innovative research on all fronts, leading to improved care for cancer patients.

* In 2014, 34% of course participants, and ** 56 scientific speakers came from abroad.

Who organizes?

International Courses are organized by motivated experts from within Institut Curie who volunteer their time to teach Master’s and PhD students as well as physicians-in-training. The Training Unit provides financial and logistical support, and shares best practices with course organizers, promoting the entire course program on its website.

Who teaches the courses?

Given the small size of these courses (limited to 30 students) participants get the chance to interact with speakers from across the globe, such as Nobel Prize Laureates John Gurdon and Elizabeth Blackburn, who gave seminars during Epigenetics Courses (in 2014 and 2015).

How can I attend?

Participants are selected based on their resume as well as a cover letter describing their motivation to attend the course. Registration is open at around 6 months before courses begin.

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