Cours générique

Interviewing Skills for Grant Applications: Workshop for Early-Career Researchers

Format: instructor-led presentation focused on tips and best practices, group work on case studies, and mock presentations with group feedback.
Free materials: PowerPoint slide show (in PDF).
Language of instruction: English

What to prepare: A short presentation of no more than 5-6 slides outlining the strengths of your proposal and a brief talk of 5-7 minutes. You must have at least a sketch of a proposal in mind before you can attend because you need to base your talk on your current or future project.

Important note: in this workshop, you must come prepared to critique others and have your performance critiqued.

In this course, we will help you to:

1. Highlight the advantages of your work: what to focus on, how to say it, and when to say it;
2. Present in a way that is clear for both experts and non-experts on the panel;
3. Anticipate the typical questions you are likely to be asked;
4. Learn how to deal with unpleasant questions and aggressive panel members;
5. Practice before your peers, and get feedback on your message, speaking style, and overall stage presence.

All researchers

First-come, first-served, priority to researchers with scheduled grant application interviews

7 & 8 June
20 May 2017

07-juin, 9h00-13h30; BDD Salle Annex 4
08-juin, 9h30-14h00, Annex 2, Amphi Burg