Junior groups

The Institut Curie offers an international, dynamic and competitive environment to junior groups who join its units which can help to accelerate their career.

Mentoring is proposed at the beginning and the development of their research programme: implementation of a Junior Principal Investigator Mentorship at the Institut Curie. The junior researchers can benefit from the experience of external tutors and their advice. The role of these tutors is to stimulate creativity, help them to improve competitiveness, acquire independence and build a team.

Courses on laboratory management are proposed to junior groups. Next one will take place in spring 2016 in partnership with EMBL / Germany.

In addition, junior groups can benefit from a fellowship to acquire a laboratory expertise.

Their active contribution to the scheduling of seminars and scientific events organized by the Institut Curie and its partners enables them to interact with their peers. The interactions between physicians/researchers and the exchanges stimulated by the Training Unit encourage the emergence of innovative translational projects.

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 Allison Bardin
Team-leader, Junior group

UMR 3215 / U934 Stem Cells and Tissue Homeostasis

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