PhD Grant for Physician & Pharmacist

PhD Grant for Physician & Pharmacist

The progress of knowledge and technological advances today, allow actions to converge Research Center and a Hospital Group, serving people affected by cancer to improve treatments and continu to better understand causes of the physiological and pathological mechanisms.

Indeed, the Institut Curie contributes significantly to deciphering the mechanisms of oncogenesis, and has a best understanding in the role of the host and the tumor environment, the elucidation of a personal risk factors of cancer occurrence and their relationship with environment and technological developments as the imaging and in all areas of cancer research in therapeutic: all these research areas are strengths for the development of better tools for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment and prediction of response to treatment.

In this context, the training of doctors and future doctors in research, is a major concern of Institut Curie’s teams who wish to support and participate in this training.

Since 6 years, Institut Curie will support 1 physicians in his science thesis and two physicians in their Master degree (level 2).

Please find the explanation below:

Deadline: May 31, 2018