Postdoctoral position

Every year, about 80 postdoctoral fellows, more than a half of whom are foreigners, join labs at the Institut Curie for continued education and to actively contribute to scientific and medical projects. They have various grant opportunities, such as the Human frontiers grants, EMBO grants, and funding from the teams obtained from specific programmes and international networks.
If you are interested in a postdoctoral position at the Institut Curie, please refer to the list of our units to become familiar with our research themes.
Postdoctoral fellows of the Institut Curie gather and interact to implement programmes to meet their needs (funding demands, career development, etc.). The training Unit encourages them in the development of their professional future and takes part in the organization of their congresses and meetings.


Ronan Chaligné

Postdoctoral fellow
UMR 3215 Epigenetic decisions and reproduction in mammals

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