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The Proof of Concept Grant: Pitching Science to Innovation Managers

The Proof the Concept Grant:
Pitching Science to Innovation Managers: Workshop for Early-Career Researchers

Workshop aims:
1.    To familiarize ERC grant holders and future applicants with the opportunity to apply for top-up Proof of Concept funding.
2.    To provide an overview of the application form and evaluation criteria.
3.    To give tips on how to talk about innovation, impact and feasibility to an audience specialized in technology transfer and innovation management. This aspect of the workshop is relevant to a broader audience beyond the ERC.
4.    To provide one-on-one coaching support to current Proof of Concept applicants.

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Current ERC grant holders, PIs applying for ERC funding in the future, as well as everyone involved in science-to-business knowledge transfer

Priority to people applying to the Proof of Concept grant and current ERC holders
First come, first serve.

7 March
5 March 2017

Amphi Burgh, Salle Annex 1, by Skype from 12:00-14:00

Julia Staykova-McKinnon (speaker)
La Cellule Enseignement
Cecile Campagne
Cristina Bartocci