Cours générique

Scientific Communication: Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch - 2014

Workshop teaches participants techniques to delivering a short synopsis of their research project, including practical exercises.

We're pleased to invite you to take this 1-day training course to prepare you to give a great elevator pitch:

on November 28th  at 9:30 am in Annex 1 Burg

Relevant for PhD students, Postdoctoral researchers, other interested physicians- or researchers-in-training.

First-come, first-served

18 November 2014
21 November 2014

Annex 1 Burg

Training Unit - Facilitated by Amy Whereat-Terdjman

Amy has 10 years' experience working in the pharmaceutical industry in marketing and communications functions. For 5 years' she's been running her own consulting company providing medical writing & editing as well as training services.

Here's an outline of what will be covered:

- How to tell a story during your elevator pitch

- How to effectively communicate your key points in a short period of time

- Using body language to add emphasis and power to your message

- Preparing your elevator speech:

* Adapt your speech to your listener:
* Techniques to engage listeners
* Present your work in a nutshell
* Finish with a commitment (ie. what's the next step)

The idea of an elevator speech is to be able to explain your research project to someone who's not an expert in the field in a minute or two. At the ceremony, it gives your family & friends the opportunity to hear about what you did during your thesis.

But it's also a skill that you'll use later on. Imagine you run into Ron Vale on Curie's campus (he's on the SAB, after all). Maybe you even share an elevator with him. During the short ride, you have only a minute or so to introduce yourself, and perhaps you're even looking for a postdoc position in San Francisco. So what do you say?

If you want more info or examples of scientific elevator pitches, search the internet for "science 'elevator pitch" as there are quite a few competitions--one in France too: Ma thèse en 180 secondes (My thesis is 180 seconds).