Senior researcher Sabbatical

Thanks to the Henri-de-Rothschild et Yvette-Mayent Foundations, the Institut Curie hosts scientists of international notoriety in the laboratories of the Research Center in Paris or Orsay every year.

More about this programme

Since 1992, the Administrative board of Institut Curie supports visiting sabbatical foreign researchers of international renown. We hosted Prof Wolf Dietrich Heyer (University of California, US), Prof Renato Zenobi (ETH Zürich, Switzerland), Prof Elizabeth H. Blackburn (University of California, US), Prof John W. Sedat (University of California, US), Prof Jean Gautier (Colombia University, New-York, US), Prof Christophe Mueller (Queen's University, Kingston, Canada), Prof Bruno Amati (Center for Genomic Science, Milan, Italy), Prof Hermann Rohrer (Ernst-Strüngmann Institute, Frankfurt, Germany), Prof David Sherwood (Duke University, Durham, US), Prof Yves Pommier (NIH, Bethesda, US), Prof Kunxin Luo (California University, Berkeley, US) and Prof Matthew Turner (Warwick University, Coventry, US).

During these sabbatical stays, which last 4 to 9 months and are sometimes spread over the course of several years, foreign professors give conferences, participate in laboratory work and meet and discuss with scientists. The Training Unit promotes these exchanges end highly encourages its Master's and PhD students, PhD students and postdoctoral fellows to engage in discussion with these highly qualified professors, in order to benefit from their scientific expertise and international experience. These exchanges are also unique opportunities to engage in international collaboration.

A meeting schedule previously defined with these renowned researchers will soon be online.