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Soirée Claudius chez Marie: "The Pharmaco-Imaging, a Biomarker in Cancerology", Prof. Pierre Fumoleau


The Soirées Claudius chez Marie provide an opportunity for researchers and care professionals of the Institut Curie to meet and exchange over a convivial buffet.

For the first event of this new season of the Soirées Claudius chez Marie we are delighted to announce that the speaker will be Prof. Pierre Fumoleau, the Director of the Hospital Group, on "The Pharmaco-Imaging, a Biomarker in Cancerology".

Professor in medical oncology and former director of the Center Georges-François Leclerc, a cancer centre located at Dijon and Burgundy, after having directed its department of Medical Oncology (2004-2007) and Transfer Research Unit (2004-2006), Pierre Fumoleau’s career is strongly focused on the bench to beside approach: translational research, clinical research, and new drugs especially in breast cancer treatment.

All staff at Institut Curie.

First come, first served

14 March 2018
8 March 2018

Chez Marie, 18h30-20h30