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Start-up lunch: Could your results be valuable to private industry? 2015

Intellectual property, business development, start-up, technology transfer

Have you asked yourself whether your scientific results could be valuable to private industry? Or even if your research could lead to launching a start-up? Then this course is for you! Using real-world examples, we'll explain how we evaluate a project's business potential, the importance of intellectual property, and examples of good projects for launching a start-up.

Although there aren't straight-forward answers to these questions, we encourage participant interaction during the course--come with your ideas, projects, or questions! We encourage you to come take part in a lively discussion during this lunchtime session (with pizza!).

PhD students, Post-doctoral fellows

20 attendees will be selected on the first registered, first served basis.

April 27, 2015
18 April 2015

Institut Curie
Chez Marie


No registration fees are requested

Hélène Stéphan, Xavier Heiligenstein, Sylvain Carlioz

Understand how your scientific work could be valuable to industry.

Tech Transfer, Intellectual Property, Patents, Start-up company