Cours générique

Statistical tests in biology research and medecine / Gaël Millot

This course gives an overview on biostatistics with no need for the applicant of knowing any mathematical concept and focuses on test runnings as well on most frequent made mistakes. It can be of interest to people who wish to master R software.
Organizer: Gaël Millot

This course is dedicated to all the people working at the Institut Curie.

15 seats available.
Selection on the first registered, first served basis.

5 - 16 September, 2011
15 June 2011

Campus Jussieu - salle 115 - Atrium

No registration fees are requested.

Gaël Millot.
Gaël lets you know that there are no more seats available for the September session, but another one is planned beginning 2012.

This module was created with two goals:
1° To teach participants to master basic tests in biology and medecine, without any preparation, handling and interpretation mistakes.
2° To train these participants to use R software.