Testimonial Allison Bardin


Allison Bardin
Team-leader, Junior group

UMR 3215 / U934 Stem Cells and Tissue Homeostasis

Why did you choose the Institut Curie?
I chose the Institut Curie because of its dynamic and international environment and state of the art facilities including imaging, bioinformatics, and high throughput sequencing technology. My choice was also motivated by large number of excellent research teams with complementary and overlapping research interests.

Can you describe your experience at the Institut Curie?
I have had a very nice first year at the Institut Curie. With the help of the administrative staff as well as the technical laboratory staff, I have been able to quickly get my team up and running. In addition, the large number of seminars and opportunities to interact with other teams has stimulated new ideas and research areas for my team. 
We are using the Drosophila intestinal stem cells as a model system to understanding mechanisms of adult stem cell self-renewal and differentiation. These processes are often dramatically misregulated in cancers. We will largely benefit from the ongoing work of many of the teams at the Institut Curie on fundamental processes involved in cancers such as modeling and understanding growth regulation of cancers and developing tissues.