Testimonial Rachel Duffie




Rachel Duffié
PhD Student
UMR 3215 « Epigenetic Decisions and reproduction in mammals »

Why did you apply to the Institut Curie ?
After earning my bachelor’s degree from the University of Virginia, I completed an internship at the Institut Pasteur thanks to funding with a Fulbright scholarship. I decided to stay in Paris and continue research, and, Deborah Bourc’his accepted me as a Master’s student in her lab. She was selected to set up her team in the new Developmental Biology Department and I was admitted to the International PhD Program of the Institut Curie in 2009. I benefit from numerous facilities, which facilitate my work including an animal facility, and an imaging platform. In addition, my project and progress is monitored in collaboration with an annual thesis committee, including all seven team leaders from my unit and an external scientist who serves as a tutor.

Can you describe your experience at the Institut Curie ?
So far, my experience at the Institut Curie has been very enriching. The structure of the institute is interactive and collaborative. The high international component of the Institut Curie has given me a broad sense of the international scientific community, which in our global scientific world, seems very important to me.

How can the Institut Curie help you for your future projects ?
I have had the opportunity to attend two international conferences where I met renowned international scientists and started to establish links with the European scientific community. I believe that I have already established lasting relationships which will lead to future collaborations and professional opportunities.