Testimonial Ronan Chaligné


Ronan Chaligné
Postdoctoral fellow
UMR 3215 Epigenetic decisions and reproduction in mammals

Why did you come to the Institut Curie?
I applied for a postdoctoral position at the Institut Curie because Edith Heard’s team, where I currently work, is located at the Institut Curie. The research activity of this team deals with epigenetic mechanisms. After my thesis in oncology, Edith Heard hired me to develop a translational research project, linking basic research on epigenetics to research on breast cancers, in collaboration with Anne Vincent-Salomon.

Can you describe your experience at the Institut Curie?
I have met scientists of a high caliber. What’s more, the Institut Curie provides an exceptional scientific environment and equipment which enables me to carry out a variety of approaches. The continued interaction with the Hospital, specialized in breast cancers, as well as with doctors, provides us with a real opportunity to address the mechanisms of tumor formation in breast cancer.

What are your future projects and how can your experience at Institut Curie help you in this regard?
I would like to apply for a position in one of the French Research organisms, although the competition for such positions is very high. To be hired, a successful career start is mandatory. I think the lab where I currently work, combined with my research theme situated between fundamental and applied research, can act as a springboard for my future career in research.