Testimonial Tomasz Zaremba


Tomasz Zaremba
U612 Genotoxicology, Signalisation and experimental Radiotherapy

 Why did you choose the Institut Curie?
After my PhD in the Northern Institute for Cancer Research (NICR), Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, I wanted to continue studies in DNA repair field in a place which guarantees high quality research and provides a solid postdoctoral training. Since the Institut Curie is a world famous and a leading European cancer research institute, I applied for a postdoctoral fellowship  from the Pierre-Gilles de Gennes Foundation and eventually I got the position.

Can you describe your experience at the Institut Curie?
I have an amazing experience after a year spent in the Institut Curie! I really feel like I am a valuable member of a motivated and supportive team of scientists, medical doctors and administration. I am also a member of the Association of Doctoral Students and Post-Docs (Adic) which gives me opportunity to participate in a social life of the Institut Curie as well as be active in organizing a number of events such as scientific conferences, careers meeting, parties. And this is a great experience too!

What are your future projects and how can the Institut Curie help you in this regard?
My research is focused on pre-clinical evaluation of new drugs called PARP inhibitors which can be used in combination with radiotherapy in treatment of cancer. Our aim is to prove their safety and efficacy in animal model which can lead to their evaluation in clinical trials bringing benefit to patients. The Institut Curie possesses all required facilities to conduct such an advanced research together with expertise in the field of radiobiology .