Thesis Defenses

PhD students defending their thesis in May 2013

Amélie Croset, Normal and pathological Signaling: from the Embryo to the innovative Therapy of Cancers, UMR 3347
“Identification and Characterisation of the Mechanics of Action of Baits Molecules, SiDNA, in Single Strand Break Repair Inhibition”
May 6, 2013

Karla Perez Toralla, Physical Chemistry, UMR 168
“Microfluidic system for in situ molecular characterization of circulating tumor cells”
May 14, 2013

Kelly Romeo, Chromatin Dynamics, UMR 218
“Regulation of HP1 enrichment at pericentric heterochromatin in mouse cells by the SENP7 SUMO-protease"”
May 31st 2013

27 March 2013