Thesis Defenses

PhD students defending their thesis in December 2015

Marius Walter, Genetics and Developmental Biology , UMR 3215 / U934
"Transposon control upon dynamic loss of DNA methylation"
December 10, 2015


Francesca RocchettiGenotoxic Stress and CancerUMR 3348
"Study of calcineurin pro-oncogenic role in acute lymphoblastic leukemia"
December 14, 2015

Alexandre MamanePhysical ChemistryUMR 168 
"Modeling intracellular transport phenomenas"
December 14, 2015 

Emmanouil Zacharioudakis, Chemical Biology of Membranes and Therapeutic DeliveryUMR 3666 / U1143 
"Unbiased discovery of draggable genomic targets by click-sequencing (clik-sea)"
December 15, 2015 

Guillaume DuclosPhysical ChemistryUMR 168 
"Active cellular nematics"
December 16, 2015 

Simon Gemble, Genotoxic Stress and Cancer, UMR 3348
"Functional relationship between the nucleotide pool and PARP-1: a new source of genetic instability"
December 16, 2015


Mohamed El Beheiry, Physical Chemistry, UMR 168 
"Towards Whole-Cell Mapping of Single-Molecule Dynamics"
December 17, 2015


Élodie Morel, Chemistry Modelling and Imaging for Biology, UMR 9187 / U1196
"Trapping G-quadruplex DNA: from molecular tools to cellular assays"
December 18, 2015


Micol Guidi, Nuclear Dynamics, UMR 3664
"Silent chromatin dynamics upon major metabolic transitions"
December 18, 2015

1 December 2015