Thesis Defenses

PhD students defending their thesis in 2016

Iago PereiroPhysical ChemistryUMR 168
"Microfluidic magnetic fluidized bed for bioanalytical applications"
February 12, 2016

Joanna Kowal, Immunity and CancerU932
"Comprehensive molecular characterization of extracellular vesicles: An approach to resolve their biogenetic and functional diversity"
March 30, 2016

Leslie GandjiNormal and Pathological Signaling: from the Embryo to the Innovative Therapy of CancersUMR 3347 / U1021
"SHP2 signaling pathway in tumorigenesis: study of its partners CDCP1 and GAB2"
March 31, 2016

Ewa Zlotek-ZlotkiewiczSubcellular Structure and Cellular DynamicsUMR 144
"Forces, growth and cell division"
May 3, 2016

Lisa Belin, Innovation and Clinical Research DepartmentHospital 
"Adaptation of oncology phase II designs to a time to event endpoint"
May 30, 2016

Sofia Celi SviridiukService de Physique MédicaleHospital 
"Contribution to adaptive radiotherapy by systematic analysis of the entrance fluence and exit patient dose"
Avril 1, 2016

Catharina Von NicolaiGenotoxic Stress and Cancer, UMR 3348
"Characterization of a novel DNA binding domain in the N-terminus of BRCA2 and evaluation of BRCA2 variants identified in breast cancer patients in the same region"
June 13, 2016

Dorian Obino, Immunity and CancerU932
"Molecular mechanisms regulating B lymphocyte polarity"
June 16, 2016

Thuy Trang ToSubcellular Structure and Cellular DynamicsUMR 144
"Rôle des RAB25 et RAB11 GTPases dans la tumorigénèse de cancer de la vessie"
July 8, 2016

Sara JaberDynamics of Genetic Information, UMR 3244
"Impact of p53 de-regulation: from Li-Fraumeni syndrome to bone marrow failure syndromes"
September 6, 2016

Anne-Marie GivelGenetics and Biology of Cancers, U830
"Rôle de CXCL12béta dans l'hétérogénéité fibroblastique et l'immunosuppression dans les cancers de l'ovaire"
September 13, 2016

Sara Maria CignaNormal and Pathological Signaling: from the Embryo to the Innovative Therapy of CancersUMR 3347 / U1021
"A Deubiquitinating enzyme as a therapeutic target in Sonic Hedgehog Medulloblastoma"
September 14, 2016

Vincenzo Di DonatoGenetics and Developmental Biology, UMR 3215 / U934
"Axonal target specificity in the CRISPR/Cas9 era: a new role for Reelin in vertebrate visual system development"
September 16, 2016

Viencent NierPhysical ChemistryUMR 168
"Statistical estimation of physical properties of cell monolayers"
September 16, 2016

Marie Clémot, Nuclear Dynamics, UMR 3664
"Role of CAF-1 in the establishment and maintenance of cellular identity during development in Drosophila"
September 19, 2016

Diana PinheiroGenetics and Developmental Biology, UMR 3215 / U934
"Understanding the mechanisms underlying force transmission during epithelial cell division"
September 19, 2016

Camille Waky GarnierGenetics and Biology of CancersU830
"Role of the protein MAP3K8 and impact of STIFFNESS in High Grade Serous Ovarian Cancers"
September 22, 2016

Lou Fourrière-CheaSubcellular Structure and Cellular DynamicsUMR 144
"Involvement of microtubules in the intracellular trafficking"
September 23, 2016

Olga LulianoSubcellular Structure and Cellular DynamicsUMR 144
"Myosin1b controls the formation of the axon and the establishment of neuronal polarity by controlling actin waves"
September 23, 2016

Madeleine Le CozNormal and Pathological Signaling: from the Embryo to the Innovative Therapy of CancersUMR 3347 / U1021
"Role of BRN2 in the genotoxic stress response in the melanocyte lineage"
September 27, 2016 

Fabrice ValentinoPhysical ChemistryUMR 168
"Biomimetic systems for studying cell shape changes"
September 27, 2016

Quentin VagnePhysical ChemistryUMR 168
"Stochastic models of intra-cellular organization: from non-equilibrium clustering of membrane proteins to the dynamics of cellular organelles"
September 28, 2016

Davide GambarottoSubcellular Structure and Cellular Dynamics, UMR 144
"Investigating the role of SAK/Plk4 in vivo"
September 30, 2016

Armelle Luscan, Genetics and Developmental Biology, UMR 3215 / U934
"Identification of genetics events involved in malignant transformation in neurofibromatosis type 1"
October 3, 2016

Mathieu RichardPhysical ChemistryUMR 168
"Myosin-based motility in actin filament networks of controlled architecture in vitro"
October 7, 2016

Ezgi Tulukcuoglu GuneriPhysical ChemistryUMR 168
"Development of Microfluidic device for high content analysis of Circulating Tumor Cells"
October 20, 2016

Céline Braini Physical ChemistryUMR 168
"Biophysical approach of neuronal shapes"
Novembre 16, 2016

Perrine MiquelPhysical ChemistryUMR 168
"Cellular interdependence and collective aspects of the epithelial phenotype: a quantitative and geometric analysis using optical gene activation"
Novembre 16, 2016

Tom BaladiChemistry, Modelling and Imaging for BiologyUMR 9187 / U1196
"Imidazo[4,5-b]pyridines: potential inhibitors of protein kinase Tyro3 and direct C-H functionalization"
November 18, 2016

Anand PatwardhanSubcellular Structure and Cellular Dynamics, UMR 144
"Role of GTPase RAB6 in pigmentation"
November 18, 2016

Silvia CerboniImmunity and CancerU932
"Identification of the activities of the antiviral innate immune sensor STING in CD4+ T lymphocytes"
November 21, 2016

Ruby Alonso RamirezImmunity and CancerU932
"Characterization of the in vivo response of naive CD4 T cells upon neoantigen recognition at different stages of tumor development"
November 23, 2016

Jean-Marie CarpierImmunity and CancerU932
"Role of intracellular trafficking in T lymphocyte signaling and response"
November 23, 2016

Wael JdeyNormal and Pathological Signaling: from the Embryo to the Innovative Therapy of CancersUMR 3347 / U1021
"Mechanisms of sensitivity/resistance of tumor cells to the DNA repair inhibitors Dbait"
November 25, 2016

Mélanie TobinPhysical ChemistryUMR 168
"Gradients in the mechanical properties of auditory hair cells"
November 25, 2016

Salvatore RaieliImmunity and CancerU932
"TLR2/1 orchestrate human plasmacytoid dendritic cells response to Gram+ bacteria"
December 5, 2016

Bastien VenzacPhysical ChemistryUMR 168
"Development of an integrated DNA amplification and detection in a microfluidic format"
December 7, 2016

Chiara VicarioPhysical ChemistryUMR 168
"Magnetogenetic Control of Intracellular Signaling Pathways"
December 12, 2016

Tiziana GiordanoGenotoxic Stress and CancerUMR 3348
"Study of the role of the deglutamylase enzyme CCP5 in the regulation of  microtubules functions  during mouse spermiogenesis"
December 13, 2016

Paul CottuMedical Oncology, Hospital 
"Molecular Characterization of Resistance to Endocrine Therapy and PI3K/mTOR Pathway Targeting in Luminal Breast Cancer Patient Derived Xenografts"
December 16, 2016

19 October 2016