Thesis defenses

New doctors 2017

Clotilde CadartSubcellular Structure and Cellular Dynamics, UMR 144
"Size homeostasis in animal cells."
May 3, 2017

Ana Carolina Teixeira Da SilvaGenotoxic Stress and Cancer, UMR 3348
"Ku orchestrates resection at terminally-arrested replication forks, and stimulates fork restart by homologous recombination."
June 20, 2017

Paul DeveauGenetics and Biology of Cancers / Bioinformatics, Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Computational Systems. Biology of Cancer U830 / U900
"Subclonal evolution in neuroblastoma."
June 27, 2017

Youmna AthiehSubcellular Structure and Cellular DynamicsUMR 144
"Interplay between cancer cells and cancer-associated fibroblasts in tumor invasion and metastasis formation."
July 4, 2017

Larissa MouraoGenetics and Developmental Biology, UMR 3215 / U934
"Unravelling Notch1-expressing cells identity within intestinal tumours."
September 12, 2017

Roberta RagazziniGenetics and Developmental BiologyUMR 3215 / U934
"Identification of a novel gonad-specific PRC2 cofactor."
September 25, 2017

Bruno LatgéSubcellular Structure and Cellular DynamicsUMR 144
"Role of motor proteins in cell polarity establishment."
September 2017

Vincente José Planelles-HerreroSubcellular Structure and Cellular DynamicsUMR 144
"Myosin VI recruitment and regulation of its exact activity in cells."
September 2017

Maddalena NanoSubcellular Structure and Cellular DynamicsUMR 144
"Identification of the molecular mechanisms generating genetic instability in polyploid cells."
October 27, 2017

Hussein HammichSubcellular Structure and Cellular DynamicsUMR 144
"Structural and functional insights for Rab35 GTPase and its effectors."
October 2017

Steve HuvelleChemical Biology of Membranes and Therapeutic DeliveryUMR 3666 / U1143
"Multiple activation strategies of self-immolable spacers."
November 2017

Imène BouhlelSubcellular Structure and Cellular DynamicsUMR 144
"Sfi1 function in centrsome biogenesis."
December 2017

Guillaume KulakowskiSubcellular Structure and Cellular DynamicsUMR 144
"Propriétés de liaisons aux membranesdes proteines Rab."
December 2017

Joël Lefebvre, Chemistry, Modelling and Imaging for Biology, UMR 9187 / U 1196
"Membrane binding properties of Rab GTPases."
December 2017

4 July 2017