Cours générique

U900 Biostatistics & R Trainings - 2011

The U900 offers a comprehensive training course on biostatistics for people from the Institut Curie Hospital and the Research Center. The programme will provide an introduction to biostatistical approaches and research by exposing participants to the principles, methodologies, uses and applications of statistical methods in biological and clinical research.
In addition, R courses will be offered as practical trainings. The bases of the R programming language will be introduced and statistical approaches presented in the theoretical session will be applied.
Organizers: Nicolas Servant and Xavier Paoletti

This course is dedicated to all the people working at the Institut Curie.

Selection on the first registered, first served basis
theoretical part: 60 persons
practical part: 15 persons

Several sessions: 28 March - 2 May, 2011
13 January 2011

Institut Curie campus - Paris

March 2011

No registration fees are requested.

Nicolas Servant and Xavier Paoletti

Lecturers :
theoretical part: Isabel Brito, Xavier Paoletti, Philippe Hupé, Eléonore Gravier, Yann Derycke.
practical part: Pierre Gestraud, Sylvie Troncale,Jonas Mandel, Carine Danelsky, Eléonore Gravier, Nicolas Servant.

An introduction to basic statistical concepts, in order to increase researchers and physicians independence on simple statistical problems and to sensitize them to experimental design and bioanalysis questions.