University and post-university medical and paramedical courses

The Institut Curie is actively involved in these discovery processes and clinical applications. Teaching and diffusion of knowledge in the field of oncology is one of the Institut Curie’s top priorities. By definition, oncology is a multidisciplinary specialty, not only between the various therapeutic disciplines (surgery, radiotherapy, medical oncology, paediatric oncology) but also by largely involving all technical departments (imaging, biology, pathology, etc.), and all healthcare professions (physicians, nurses, technicians, etc.). Institut Curie teaching and training courses are therefore directed to all personnel in training in these various disciplines and all of these professional categories. More about our research units and the hospital group.

Medical courses

University and postgraduate oncology training is organized by the Institut Curie teams. The following training courses are organized in partnership between Institut Curie clinical teams and Universities: DU (University diploma) in breast disease (Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines University), DIU (Inter-University Diploma) in oncopharmacology (Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines University in partnership with Pierre and Marie Curie University, Reims Champagne Ardennes University), and DIU in oncogenics (Paris Descartes University in partnership with Paris Diderot University). Institut Curie clinical teams also regularly organize other postgraduate training courses for physicians.
Medical students at the Paris Descartes School of Medicine receive specialized oncology training during their attachments, concerning global management of cancer patients and topics of the national classifying examination (ECN).
Interns/DES students initiate or continue their training in various oncology subspecialties and in multidisciplinary oncology. They also receive specific theoretical training in the various departments/wards and the Institut Curie environment allows them to attend numerous seminars and participate in meetings between scientists and clinicians.

Paramedical courses

Student nurses are trained in the specific aspects of oncology in the various wards and departments of the hospital.
Specialized oncology nursing training courses are regularly organized by the Institut Curie Nursing Department, in particular courses for home nurses in partnership with the Cnam and specific courses on wounds and wound healing.
Other paramedical students are also trained in the Institut Curie hospitals: medical physicists, radiotherapy or imaging technologists, physiotherapists, etc.