What's happening?

A new Manager for the Training Unit

The Training Unit has recently relocated to 25 rue d’Ulm, bringing together the Hospital Group and Research Center staff in the same office to help the Institut Curie offer the best training possible to its Masters and PhD students, postdocs, and hospital group employees.

A. vandenBergA. vandenBerg



We're pleased to welcome Alysia vandenBerg, PhD, as part-time Training Unit Manager for both the Research Center & Hospital Group.

With the addition of new members to the team including Solange Tanwo, part-time training assistant for the Hospital Group, and Maïté Thevenet, Graphic Artist, the Training Unit aims to achieve the following:

  • strengthen the link between the Research Center and Hospital Group
  • reinforce our partnerships with other universities, research centers, and hospitals in the Parisian region (like PSL*) as well as internationally
  • enhance communication of Training Unit activities internally and interactions with Curie Alumni
  • facilitate and streamline the process of PhD recruitment and thesis committee meetings as well as further develop mentoring and career development tools & activities for postdocs and junior group leaders
8 October 2012