Why do your PhD thesis at Institut Curie?

As a Master's student in the Paris region, you're likely beginning to consider if you are interested in furthering your studies and obtaining a PhD.

Each year, Institut Curie, with France's largest cancer research center, welcomes and trains dozens of PhD students. At the beginning of the scholarly year in 2014--will you be one of them?

In order to learn more, come and join us at Institut Curie's PhD Day in the afternoon on January 29th, 2014. The primary objective of PhD Day is to answer all your questions, including: 

  • Explanation of who will play a role in the training & education of PhDs
  • Financing available for PhDs
  • Research projects being studied at Institut Curie

This will also be an opportunity to meet laboratory Group Leaders, young researchers and visit a lab within Institut Curie. Join us on Tuesday, Jan. 29th at 1pm in Institut Curie's BDD building at 11 rue Pierre et Marie Curie, 5th arrondissment in Paris.

To see the full program and SIGN UPclick here. Please note that registration is free, but required in order to attend.

Contact email for the event:  fannie.forest@curie.fr 
Contact email on earning a PhD at the institute: training.unit@curie.fr

4 December 2013