Cours générique

Writing Research Applications and Grant Proposals: Workshop for Early-Career Researchers

Instructor-led presentation with active discussion, peer-to-peer exercises and analysis of case studies from authentic grant proposals.
Free materials: booklet with exercises and examples, and PowerPoint slide show (in PDF).
Language of instruction: English

In this workshop, you will learn how to:

1. Interpret correctly your application form and evaluation criteria;
2. Use strong structure in State of the Art, Objectives, Methodology, and Work Plan sections;
3. Respond in clear, convincing language to the key requirements of feasibility, novelty, research significance, and impact;
4. Make a persuasive description of your research environment, collaborations, dissemination, and future valorization ideas; 
5. Write a compelling personal statement and CV.

Open to all, but aimed specifically at junior researchers : Post-docs & PhDs

First-come, first-served, priority to researchers who are planning to apply to a grant in the foreseeable future

6 & 7 June, 2017
31 May 2017

06-juin, 11h30-17h45; Chez Marie
07-juin, 14h30-18h30; BDD salle annex 1 + 2