Cours générique

Writing Research Applications and Grant Proposals: Workshop for Early-Career Researchers

Number of participants: 20

Format: instructor-led presentation, active group discussion, small group exercises
Duration: 1.5 days; 14:00-17:00 and 9:00-16:00

Free materials: booklet with samples from authentic grants, PowerPoint slides (in PDF).

Language of instruction: English

Grant reviewers often say that many wonderful projects don’t get funded because the idea was not communicated clearly enough. This means that excellent science is not enough for writing a successful grant proposal. To get funded, you also need excellent grant writing skills. So how do you make sure the advantages of your work are understood and appreciated?

In this workshop, you will learn how to:
1.    Use strong structure in State of the Art, Objectives, Methodology, and Work Plan;
2.    Provide clear, convincing answers to the key requirements of feasibility, novelty, research significance, and impact;
3.    Make a persuasive description of your research environment, collaborations, any public outreach or dissemination ideas, where relevant, and your project management plan; 
4.    Write a compelling CV and personal statement;
5.    Analyse a postdoc application form as a case study and learn how to apply the lessons learnt to other applications.

All exercises in this workshop are based on authentic, recently funded open access grants. They provide examples of best practices and good ideas that worked well for other scholars. 

See the attached PDF for a detailed programme and the instructor’s biosketch.

Graduating PhDs and postdocs applying for fellowships or grant proposals

First-come, first-served, priority to researchers who are planning to apply to a grant in the foreseeable future

29 (14h00-16h00) & 30 January 2018 (9h00-16h00)
21 January 2018

Salle Annexe 3 & 4, BDD

22 January 2018