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Writing a scientific paper: a workshop supported by the Wiley Researcher Academy

This is your chance for free access to 2 Learning Paths of the Wiley Researcher Academy, a new platform designed to support student researchers in many aspects of what it takes to become a successful researcher. In the context of this workshop we’ll be concentrating on writing good science and writing a research paper. Find out how much you know already, take advantage of our online resource for two weeks before the workshop, then have the chance to discuss and do real-time writing exercises with an experienced science editor.

Before the course: from Sept 21 – Oct 3, 2017
Selected participants will be asked to complete Learning Paths 5 and 6 of a platform the link of which will be indicated in due time. These paths are the ones dealing with how to write good scientific English, and how to put a research paper together.

If selected participants wish, they can explore other Learning Paths (of which they are 14), but not mandatory.

During the course: October 4th, 2017
Andrew Moore will present some key topics in more detail, and give real-time verbal and written exercises ; participants will also have the opportunity to ask any questions that had arisen during their completion of LP5 and 6 (and more if so).

PhDs, postdocs and young researchers


October 4th 2017
19 September 2017

Institut Curie Paris

September 20th 2017

Free of charge

Andrew Moore