Core courses

This 3-days course in English consists of theoretical explanations, followed by practical exercises.
The course will be held offsite in Paris.

One-day course on scientific communication, with practical hands-on sessions in the afternoon, allowing you to practice what you’ve learned by Shira Tabachnikoff, Head of Communications, European Science Foundation.

Scientific communication - the what, why, and how? Promoting your research & getting your message across; practicing an elevator speech and working on your presentation skills, and briefly covering how to work with the media.

Organizers: The Training Unit

The U900 offers a course in Next-Generation Sequencing and data analysis to the staff of Institut Curie, Centre of Research and Medical Section. The training is dedicated to biologists and bioanalysts interested in analyzing their own sequencing data and will cover the main NGS applications (DNA and RNA-seq). 

Organizers: Nicolas Servant and Vonick Sibut

The U900 offers a series of courses in biostatistics and bioinformatics to the staff of the Institut Curie, Research Center and Medical Section.

Organizers: Nicolas Servant, Xavier Paoletti and Vonick Sibut

This theoretical and practical training is an introduction to image processing and analysis using the Image J software.

Organizers: Fabrice Cordelières and Patricia Le Baccon

The objective of this course on Lab Management is designed for young group leaders to:

  • Introduce you to key leadership concepts
  • You start to develop your own individual leadership style
  • Equip you with key communication skills
  • Prepare you for your role as leader, or
  • Support your transition from researcher to PI, or
  • Give you the chance to reflect on your experience as a PI
  • Expand your support network for scientific and leadership issues in the lab

How to structure a paper, convey your scientific message accurately and in polished English ; how to improve writing skills in general and develop an understanding of what is expected from an editorial point of view.

In this 1/2 day introductory class, members of the Institut Curie's Technology Transfer Office will provide you with some basic information on patents (what is a patent? which inventions can be patented? how to obtain a patent?) and will overview licensing operations and start-up creation. This class will be as interactive as possible, and will use case studies pertaining to patent protection and/or technology transfer.

Organizers: Damien Salauze et Christine Vanhée-Brossollet

This theoretical and practical training is an introduction to image processing and analysis using the imageJ software.

Organizers: Fabrice Cordelières and
Patricia le Baccon

The U900 offers a comprehensive training course on biostatistics for people from the Institut Curie Hospital and the Research Center. The programme will provide an introduction to biostatistical approaches and research by exposing participants to the principles, methodologies, uses and applications of statistical methods in biological and clinical research.
In addition, R courses will be offered as practical trainings. The bases of the R programme language will be introduced and statistical approaches presented in the theoretical session will be applied.

Organizers: Nicolas Servant, Xavier Paoletti et Vonick Sibut