Core courses

This course gives an overview on biostatistics with no need for the applicant of knowing any mathematical concept and focuses on test runnings as well on most frequent made mistakes. It can be of interest to people who wish to master R software.
Organizer: Gaël Millot

9 months connection on a e.learning platform from February 2011 + 5 hours private conversation with a teacher.

Two sessions are organized :
1° one week intensive course - 4 hours a day in the mornings - in order to obtain rapidely good grounding in French.
2° evening classes: 2 hours a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6pm until 8pm to strengthen basic knowledge.
With Adic

The U900 offers a comprehensive training course on biostatistics for people from the Institut Curie Hospital and the Research Center. The programme will provide an introduction to biostatistical approaches and research by exposing participants to the principles, methodologies, uses and applications of statistical methods in biological and clinical research.
In addition, R courses will be offered as practical trainings. The bases of the R programming language will be introduced and statistical approaches presented in the theoretical session will be applied.
Organizers: Nicolas Servant and Xavier Paoletti

The proposed course has been conceived to be followed by anyone in need to learn basic knowledge in statistical methods, either for efficiently and correctly analysing their data or to present correctly their results. The course can also be useful to help everyone to choose the appropriate methods to be used, or simply to understand better results presented by others, especially in the scientific literature.
The course will start with the learning to install and use the R programme. Then, using this programme, basic statistical methods will be presented. There is no need to have prerequisites in mathematics for everyone attending the course, which will be based on numerous working examples.
Organizer: Eric Wajnberg - Inra - Sophia Antipolis