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An afternoon with two workshops animated by Marion Guerth to help you plan your career in academia and beyond and on how to apply for academic jobs and for positions outside academia.


Institut Curie and Université Pierre et Marie Curie organize their 8th International Developmental Biology course, in collaboration with the Stowers Institute for Medical Sciences, Kansas City, USA.

The programme is proposed in two versions:

- a 5 week-long course including 3 weeks of practicals and 2 weeks of lectures (limited to 18 students)

- a 2 week-long version including only the lectures (limited to 35).

Students will present scientific articles related to the topics discussed.

Students and lecturers will have the opportunity to meet during an informal coffee break/lunch every day.

The UPMC grants 12 ECTS for the 5 week-long course and 6 ECTS for the 2 week-long course for the evaluation of the formation.

From now on, only registrations for seminars are possible.
Lectures: October 9- 20, 2017 (2 weeks)

Organizers: A. Bardin, Y. Bellaïche, C. Fournier-Thibault, J.R. Huynh, J.L. Maître, M. Umbhauer

This course focuses on breast cancers both on a biological and a clinical point of view. It will cover the biology of breast cancers from stem cell biology to metastatic process encompassing special courses on diagnostic of the disease, the state -of art of treatment with presentation of clinical trials and modalities of follow-up. A special focus will emphasize the recent data on oestrogen resistance, basal-like and hereditary breast cancers, their new therapeutic strategies and what next generation sequencing provides in breast cancer biology and clinical management.
Organizers: Roman Rouzier, Anne Vincent-Salomon and Jean-Yves Pierga
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This career Development workshop is a unique opportunity for participants, PhD students and young postdocs, to discuss their career objectives with speakers from different backgrounds.

This career Development workshop is a unique opportunity for participants, PhD students and young postdocs, to discuss their career objectives with speakers who, after earning a PhD in biology, chose various career paths leading them away from the bench (education, industry, science communication and management, etc…). The workshop is organized in short round-tables, where participants and invited speakers will exchange in an informal way. 

Each participant should have the opportunity to discuss with at least 7 speakers.

The 9th Edition of the Cytoskeleton course will be divided in two parts:

1st part (form Wednesday to Saturday) will follow the spirit of the cytoskeleton course in the previous years: during the day we will have local speakers that will give 1h talks mixed of text book information and on-going research in their labs. In the evenings the students will present their work in 10-15 min in closed environment. On Saturday, there will be career development workshop.

2nd part (from Monday to Wednesday), will follow the spirit of the Labex CelTisPhyBio course: international invited speakers will give 1-2h research seminar talks. In addition, there will be a number of short talks selected from abstracts. 

Organizers: S. Miserey-Lenkei, G. Montagnac, D. Vignjevic

The third session of the LABEX DCBIOL course will focus on « Anti-tumor Immunotherapy ». Immunotherapy is about to revolutionize cancer treatment. It consists in treating cancer by stimulating the immune system so it can efficiently attack tumor cells. The aim of this course is a better understanding of how the immune system actors including dendritic cells detect and fight tumor cells and how their activities can be boosted. It will include talks on the clinical applications of immunotherapy in cancer treatments.  

Internationally renowned scientists expert in the field will give talks. This course is totally free and open to all the members of the DCBIOL Labex community (Institut Curie, Paris and CIML, Marseille) and to scientists working in the field (subscription of young scientists will be privileged). 

Organizers: Evelina Gatti, Sandrine Henri, Claire Hivroz, Manal Sarkis

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The Paris Alliance for Cancer Research Institutes (PACRI), an alliance of Institut Curie, Gustave Roussy Cancer Campus, Institut St. Louis and University Paris Descartes has the pleasure to announce a two-day conference in Paris on 23 and 24 March 2017.

The « Future of Oncology » will gather 20 renowned speakers who will address the main topics and the major challenges of fundamental and translational cancer research in the next years.

The aim of this course is to provide an overview of post-transcriptional gene regulations at multiple steps, including notably (pre-)messenger RNA splicing, polyadenylation, stability and translation, this year with a focus on two emerging topics, mRNA localization and modifications (epitranscriptome).

In addition to lectures given by international experts in the field, the course will also rely on the active contribution of participants and on their interactions with speakers. Each participant will present his scientific project (poster, elevator pitch) and will co-chair a speaker. In addition to long discussion time after each talk, participants will have the opportunity to meet speakers every day at coffee breaks and lunch.

The aim of this course is to provide an overview of epigenetic mechanisms and their link to chromatin dynamics. The different functions of the nucleus involving the genome and its organization will be discussed with an emphasis on technological limits and the new experimental approaches being developed today. Links between the disruption of nuclear functions and the development of human pathologies will be discussed.

The success of the course relies on the active contribution of participants who are expected to be proactive and to participate in all of the events organized including:
i) presentation of their own scientific project with a poster
ii) participation in the Journal Club to both present and review key articles proposed by the speakers,
iii) participation to the "career development" workshop during the Saturday morning and the "epi-Courses" such as the “Art & Science” workshop.

A special session will be devoted to 2 or 3 alumni who have gone on to successful careers in the field of Epigenetics.

Organizers: Geneviève Almouzni, Nathalie Dostatni