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SIREDO Course on AYA Sarcomas: From Biology to the Clinic

The aim of this course is to provide an overview of the recent findings and challenges yet to overcome in adolescent and young adults bone and soft tissue sarcomas: from biological characteristics to patient care.
The biology and pathology of sarcomas will be discussed with an emphasis on classification, prognosis, and treatment strategies. European and international directives for patient’s management and care will be reviewed.

The success of the course will rely on the active contribution of the participants who are expected to engage in all the events organized, including the presentation and review of key articles or specific clinical cases/reports during the interactive sessions.

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The course can accommodate 30-40 Master 2 students, PhD fellows, MD students and post-docs from:

-French universities/teams/Hospitals

-European universities/teams/Hospitals

-International universities/teams/Hospitals

The course will be validated by 32 hours of formation for Master 2 and PhD students by Paris Saclay university – ED418 (10 seats)

Participants selection will be based on their application file which should include:

- A CV (max. 1 page)

- A brief description of their scientific topic / medical activity

- A short paragraph explaining their motivation to attend the course and their expectations

- The name, affiliation and institutional contact of a scientific or medical referee

January 15-18, 2019
30 November 2018

Institut Curie
Paris - France

25 November 2018

No registration fees are requested.

Olivier DELATTRE: Institut Curie, SIREDO Oncology Center- INSERM U830
Valérie LAURENCE: Institut Curie, SIREDO Oncology Center and Medical Oncology Department
Daniel ORBACH: Institut Curie, SIREDO Oncology Center
François DOZ : Institut Curie, SIREDO Oncology Center
Sophie PIPERNO-NEUMANN: Institut Curie – Medical Oncology Department
Sandy AZZI-HATEM: SIREDO Oncology Center

- Histological and molecular classification of sarcomas
- Role of molecular alterations in sarcoma development
- Osteosarcoma, Ewing’s sarcoma, main soft tissue AYA sarcomas
- Place of new therapeutic approaches such as targeted therapies and immunotherapy in the management of sarcomas.
- Genetic predisposition to sarcomas
- Specificities in the management of sarcomas in AYAs, including surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and psycho-social support.

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