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5th Cell Biology Course in Santiago - Chile - 2016

The aim of the course is to stimulate high level discussions around Cell Biology (Cell migration and mechanics, cytoskeleton dynamics, epigenetics, immunological synapses, developmental biology, membrane trafficking, system biology, neurobiology, biophysics) and particularly, to think about how the study of the cell has reshaped and gained insight from diverse disciplines, particularly physics, and new technologies. This discussion will be the guiding line during this one-week course, where we will have seminars from the sixteen participating scientists as well as eight working groups, each composed of five graduate students that will be co-guided by a Chilean and a French researcher in the development of a research project.

We deeply thank The Company of Biologists who has made a donation to this course.

Organizers: Ana-Maria Lennon, Claire Hivroz and Carolina Torrealba (Chile)

The course is open to Master, PhD students and post-doctoral fellows from Chile and neighboring South American countries. 
All talks and communications will be in English. The course may offer scholarships that include travel and accommodation expenses, budget permitting.

Selection based on application and motivation.

January 17-23, 2016
13 December 2015

Fundación Ciencia & Vida, Santiago (Chile)

Mid December

No registration fees

Ana-Maria Lennon, Claire Hivroz and Carolina Torrealba (Chile)

Our goals are to diffuse among South American Universities the most recent researches conducted in Institut Curie in the area of Cell Biology and to create strong interactions between our research scientists and the local experts in the field.
 We further aim at facilitating scientific exchanges between French laboratories and South American students who wish to acquire an expertise in the areas and technologies currently developed in Institut Curie.

Scientific articles discussion and project writing. Four experimental poster sessions will be held during the course, thus participants are encouraged to present their research work in a poster.

Fundación Ciencia & Vida, Santiago, Chile
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