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Third Workshop « Labex DC BIOL » on Dendritic Cell Biology

The third session of the LABEX DCBIOL course will focus on « Anti-tumor Immunotherapy ». Immunotherapy is about to revolutionize cancer treatment. It consists in treating cancer by stimulating the immune system so it can efficiently attack tumor cells. The aim of this course is a better understanding of how the immune system actors including dendritic cells detect and fight tumor cells and how their activities can be boosted. It will include talks on the clinical applications of immunotherapy in cancer treatments.  

Internationally renowned scientists expert in the field will give talks. This course is totally free and open to all the members of the DCBIOL Labex community (Institut Curie, Paris and CIML, Marseille) and to scientists working in the field (subscription of young scientists will be privileged). 

Organizers: Evelina Gatti, Sandrine Henri, Claire Hivroz, Manal Sarkis

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13-15 March 2017
22 Février 2017

Institut Curie, Amphi Burg, 12 rue l’homond, 75005, Paris

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Evelina Gatti (CIML, Marseille)
Sandrine Henri (CIML, Marseille)
Claire Hivroz (IC, Paris)
Manal Sarkis (IC, Paris)

Institut Curie, Sanofi (Chaire IMOCA), Ciphe, PSL, Amidex, Investissements d’avenir, INSERM, CNRS