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Cours 2e & 3e cycle universitaire

Biologie Cellulaire et Cancer

3rd Edition

The general objective of 3rd Cell biology and Cancer course is to cover different topics in cell biology and cancer cell biology including cell and tissue growth, cell signaling, cell division, cell and tissue organization at different levels: molecular, cellular and in the living organism. In addition, we will have a session dedicated to Physics of tissues.

2020 edition will cover tissue and cell size homeostasis and cell growth regulation.

 Courses will be taught in English.

This course is open to:
- M2 or PhD students (up to 12) of French universities. 5 positions reserved to M2 students from Sorbonne Université.
- PhD students from European universities (up to 16).
- Postdocs, researchers and non-selected PhD students will be able to assist all lectures and coffee breaks.

Cours en Anglais
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The objective of the course is to expose PhD and Master students coming from European laboratories to cutting edge concepts in the fields of cell biology and cancer cell biology.


Travail personnel

In the evenings the students will present their work as in 10 min Chalk talk in closed environment.

One of the evenings will be dedicated to career development.

Visit to Curie Museum

Information sur les ECTS

Successful completion of the course can count as training hours (3 ECTS or 20 hours) for French graduate schools such as "Complexité du Vivant" and "Frontières du Vivant" or 3 ECTS at Master program UPMC at Paris 6.

Informations pratiques

Infos pratiques

The course will run for one week, Monday to Friday. There will be 4-5 lectures per day.
All lectures will be in English.

Informations pratiques détaillées

The course will run from Monday to Friday. Each day will cover a different topic and 4-5 lectures from local researchers (one 1h long lecture) and foreigner speakers (2 lectures). In the evening, during dinner, the students will present their research in the format of 10 minutes of chalk talk using only a whiteboard (2 evenings). To motivate students to interact with speakers, we will assign each speaker to 2 students. Students will be expected to read recent papers from the speaker’s lab, to introduce the speaker, chair questions after his/her talk, and to serve as a guide/host for the speaker during the course.


To share with students challenges in adjusting the professional and personal time, on Wednesday evening we will organize “Science and Life” dinner when the international speakers will join students over dinner to talk about their life in science, their achievements and their failures, good and bad about moments in their carrier. We would like to hear about inspirations, satisfaction, motivations… but also about the challenges and difficulties in our jobs and how that reflects on our personal life.


Courses will be taught in English. While the whole course will be open to everyone, the students’ presentations will be restricted to selected students.

Résultat de sélection
1st march 2020
Il n'y a pas de frais d’inscription pour ce cours

There are no registration fees. The course will provide food for all selected students. In addition, for 16 selected students, accommodation costs will be covered. Travel expenses will be covered by the host labs.

UMR 144
Institut Curie, UMR144
12 rue Lhomond
75005 Paris, France

Effectif maximum

30 personnes



Conditions de selection

Candidates are selected by their CV &

 Abstract of current work + 3 sentences motivation letter explaining why they want to participate)






Zev Gartner, US

Sally Horne-Badovinac, US

Harald Stenmark, Norway

Anna Akhmanova, NL

Sara Wickström, Finland

Carl-Philipp Heisenberg, Austria

Carmine Settembre, IT

Jerome Gros, FR

Romain Levayer, FR

Stephane Douady, FR

Marie-Helene Verlhac, FR

Mario Pende, FR

Chavrier Philippe, FR

Yohanns Belaiche, FR

Matthieu Piel, FR



Keynote speakers

Sally Horne-Badovinac, US


Guillaume MONTAGNAC, Institut Gustave Roussy

Comité scientifique

Guillaume MONTAGNAC, Institut Gustave Roussy



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