05 novembre
Cours développement de carrière

Réseautage et développement de carrière : presence sur les medias sociaux et son utilisation

Réseautage et développement de carrière: présence sur les médias sociaux et son utilisation.

Cours en Anglais
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To introduce young researchers to the principles of networking and its benefits for career development; help them make effective use of networking websites to promote their professional identity.

Travail personnel

Les participants doivent avoir un compte LinkedIn.

Informations pratiques

Infos pratiques

Half-day (3h) interactive workshop in English that combines the presentation of concepts and methods & personal and group activities.
Interaction between the group and the trainers will be enhanced.
The workshop will be facilitated by 2 trainers in a room equipped with an internet access.

Prerequisite for participants: a LinkedIn account et apporter son ordinateur portable.



Introduction : importance of networking for research experience and career progression

  1. Why and how to network?
  • Group discussion on networking practices, barriers and needs of participants
  • Network as a source of information and skills

Tips and tools for successful networking

  • Mapping your network
  • Basic rules of networking and self-presentation
  • Different ways to grow your network

How to build and strengthen your network: focus on social media

  1. Professional image and online visibility
  2. Using social networking sites for business professionals and researchers
  • Tools and opportunities for networking offered by LinkedIn and ResearchGate
  • Practices to adopt and avoid

Optimizing LinkedIn profile for improving online image

  • Work on LinkedIn page content (in groups of 2, individual feedback by trainers, then feedback in plenum)


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    Salle Chez Marie
    Salle Chez Marie, 12 Rue Lhomond

    Effectif maximum

    15 personnes


    15 participants, les participants doivent avoir une compte LinkedIn.

    Conditions de selection

    Premier arrivé, premier servi.



    ABG, Association Bernard Gregory

    Keynote speakers

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