02 mars
06 mars
Cours 2e & 3e cycle universitaire

Systems Immunology

Qlife winter school

This workshop is part of a new series of winter schools organized by PSL and its Qlife program in quantitative biology and taught at the Ecole normale supérieure.

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This workshop aims at familiarizing participants with the latest concepts and technical developments, as well as current issues and practical know-how in the interdisciplinary research field of quantitative systems immunology. Such issues will be addressed at both single cell and global levels. In addition to lectures from a broad range of experts, participants will be introduced to the know-how through performing hands on computational analyses and pen-and-paper theoretical estimates.

Examen et évaluation

Evaluation for Master 2 students will be based on oral presentations of the workshop projects.

Informations pratiques

Infos pratiques


In addition to the lectures that will cover various topics within the field, practical workshops will be organized on the following themes:

-          Single cell transcriptomics

-          T cell receptor repertoire analysis

-          Quantitative estimates in immunology

-          Quantitative estimates in cell population dynamics

The first two practical are computational in nature and will run in parallel.  As will the last two, which are instead theoretical/estimate based. Participants will therefore have to choose one within each group (i.e. Single cell transcriptomics or T cell receptor repertoire and either of the Quantitative estimates). Depending on the distribution of the requests, we cannot guarantee that each participant will get his first choice in each case.



The workshop spends a week, from Monday March 2 morning, until Friday March 6 evening. It takes place in the Biology Department of the Ecole normale supérieure and includes lectures in the morning, and workshops as well as a keynote speech in the afternoon. Lunch and some of the dinners are taken together with the instructors and speakers to foster further discussions. Students are housed on site.



Hours: 34h (15h lectures  + 15h numerical and pen-and-paper practicals + 4h students presentations and posters)

Frais d'inscription

Registration fees: 150 € for academic participants. It covers food and lodging. Some travel grants will be available.

Effectif maximum

24 personnes

Conditions de selection

The winter school is limited to 24 participants. It is open to M2 students and PhD students, as well as postdocs, engineers and junior scientists with backgrounds in biology, physics, computer science or mathematics. Basic experience in file manipulation under Unix/Linux and in Python or R programming is required. Registration fees: 150 € for academic participants. It covers food and lodging. Some travel grants will be available.



Lecturers and instructors 

Grégoire Alten-Bonnet, NCI, Bethesda, USA

Philippe Bousso, Institut Pasteur, Paris, France

Sarah Cobay, University of Chicago, Chicago, USA

Rob de Boer, Utrecht University, Utrecht, Netherlands

Florent Ginhoux, A*STAR, Singapore

Claire Hivroz, Institut Curie, Paris, France

Encarnita Marlotti-Ferrandiz, Sorbonne Université, Paris France

Pierre Milpied, CIML, Marseille, France

Thierry Mora, Ecole normale supérieure, Paris, France

Nina Papavasiliou, DKFZ, Heidelberg, Germany

Leila Périé, Institut Curie, Paris, France

Claude-Agnès Reynaud, Université Paris-Descartes, Paris France

Hélène Salmon, Institut Curie, Paris, France

Aleksandra Walczak, Ecole normale supérieure, Paris, France

Josh Waterfall, Institut Curie, Paris, France



Patrick Charnay, Biology department, ENS Paris, PSL


  • Université Paris-Sciences-et-Lettres